Fasoli Gino Bardolino DOC Chiaretto 'La Corte Del Pozzo'

Fasoli Gino is the story of a family that has firm roots in the Veronese area. Farmers at heart, they have been producing wine since 1925. In 1984,  the family converted to Organic Farming and then Biodynamic in 2006. A love for the land in which they live can be felt through their enthusiasm and care for its fruits. 

Rondinella, Corvinone, Corvina grapes.

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/ 750 ML
Wine Specs
Valpolicella Blend
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Bright salmon pink in color with delicate floral aromas, on the palate the wine is soft and fruity with a balanced structure. This wine is easy-drinking, light and pleasant, perfect for warm days.
Vineyard Notes
In 1984, Fasoli Gino Estate (nestled into the hills near Verona, Italy) started producing organic wines. By 2006 they also began employing biodynamic practices. Biodynamic agriculture means wine made using a holistic approach that relies on organic composting and fertilizer, instead of chemicals. At Fasoli Gino Estate, that special care used in the growing also extends to the handling and processing of the fruit, post-harvest.
Food Pairing Notes
Beef, Rich fish (salmon, tuna, etc), Shellfish, Spicy food, Mature and hard cheese, Mild and soft cheese, Cured Meat.